The main inspiration for this project was the Ukrainian folklore entity “Mavka”, preciously described in one of the most captivating Ukrainian literature classics – a poem called “Лісова пісня” or “The song of the forest”. Mavkas are the spirits of the woods, ghosts of beautiful young women who had once passed away of unnatural causes. They have no intention of harming the living, but they protect the nature that shelters them. All the photos were taken under natural lighting, I also used reflectors to soften the shadows. I tried to use flash for some of the shots but found the result to contradict my vision, which made me decide to work with reflectors only in the end. One of the main challenges was production, for I have encountered way too many obstacles on my way. I found a way to overcome them, but feel like they were a crucial factor of the final result, which I sincerely feel could have been much, much better. I have tried my best to do a good job in the circumstances I have been presented with, and I still have the intention of giving my initial idea for the project a better shot. I suppose the main lesson I will be getting from this experience is that with proper production and less stress I could be getting some rather decent results, but I need to try harder, and always have a plan B.


Daria Chubenko


Curso Profesional Superior de Fotografía y Postproducción

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